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Venise R. Holloway grew up in Goulds, Florida, a small friendly town, where it was sometimes hard to tell the difference between family and friends.  She learned early on that she had a love for children which inspired her to major in Psychology and become a National Board-Certified Counselor to work with children with mild/moderate mental health issues. She was a captain in the United States Army Medical Officer Corps for over 11 years and traveled throughout Europe with her family.  After leaving the service, she worked also as an independent contractor as a family counselor to strengthen blended families.  She transitioned to the education field where she worked as an elementary school teacher for 19 years.  After retiring as an elementary school teacher, Venise wrapped her faith and experiences together with her love for storytelling, to write a series of short stories using angels.  She witnessed so many kids that battled with the thought of making good choices because they allowed negative thoughts to dance in their heads.  Bullying was the in thing to do, especially if you were bullied before too.  Think, choose and thrive is what she wanted her kids to do both in and out of the classroom.   In The Adventures of the Angel Twwins, Venise’s first children’s book, angels help to empower children to choose to exercise positive thinking.

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