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Whatcha Packin’?  Each volume has four great stories packed inside!  

Are you packin’ negative or positive thoughts?  The angels represent the evolving hearts of humans which is consistently under attack.  The angel twwins’ adventures consist of them challenging everyday kids about what thoughts they choose to believe because they can affect their hearts. They offer children enlightenment about their control over their thoughts.  The mendo is an invisible enemy that searches out kids to infect thoughts by entering the eye and ear gates of kids.  It attempts to manipulate the thoughts of children, corrupting the light within them and persuading them to misbehave.  Battling the mendo is a new mission for the angel twins and as they travel, they eagerly destroy it by stomping on its head with their boots.  The battle is on!  Check out how the twins help children pack better thought choices and improve their behavior.  Or shall we see the mendo continue to convince kids to act up and miss out on building healthier relationships?

Vol 2 The Adventures of the Angel Twwins

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